27 November 2014

Melati Beach Resort & Spa - Koh Samui

When we are going for a family trip with the kids, the first thing that comes into our mind is to get a kids-friendly accommodation. In our recent Koh Samui trip, we have chosen Melati Beach Resort & Spa as our destination. After our 5D4N stay, I have to admit that we have enjoyed ourselves. Their services were very personal and it felt like a second home. In this post, we will show case each and every corner of the resort that we loved. In addition, we will tell you why we did think that it is kids-friendly. 

The Beach Pool.

Airport Transfer

Melati Beach Resort & Spa is located at Thongson Bay, a secluded beach at the north east of Koh Samui island. It is just 15 minutes drive away from the Airport. If you are arriving via Koh Samui Airport, remember to request for airport transfer during your reservation with Melati. 

Map of Koh Samui. Source credit from Melati Beach Resort & Spa.
Upon arrival, a driver from Melati was awaiting for our reception. The transportation to the resort was spacious and comfortable. We were also given a cold towel and bottles of water to freshen up ourselves during the 15 minutes journey.

Airport transfer to Melati Beach Resort.

The Reception

Koh Samui island is basically very much like the Kampung area of Malaysia. We had to travel some winding and narrow roads in order to reach the resort. Here we are at the entrance of Melati Beach Resort.

The Entrance.
The building designs are influenced by the traditional Southern Thai style architecture, blending in aspects of modern chic and embracing the important elements of feng shui.  

The Prayer's Altar.

Water Vase.
The Feng Shui Rolling ball, I guess.......
Melati Spa near the entrance.
The lobby is situated very near the entrance. We were greeted warmly and were served with refreshing jasmine tea while we waited for Daddy Pok to settle the reception paper work.

The view of the reception lobby on the upper, while the lower level houses the Kak San Thong Restaurant.

Sipping on jasmine tea while waiting at the lobby.......

Goofing around at the lobby.
Just across the lobby, there is a tailor service and a library/reading area with a pool table to chill out. There is also a public internet kiosk at the reading area. I doubt many would use this facility as there is complimentary wifi internet access at all rooms and public area in the vicinity of the resort.

Tailoring service.

The library and reading area. Internet kiosk at the right corner.

After the paper work is done, the reception lady brought us on a personal tour around the resort before sending us to our suite. So, are you ready to follow us?

Let's ride on this buggy! As the compound of the resort is fairly big, the resort staff often travel in this buggy to get around the resort. If you are tired of walking, you can just call the reception for the buggy service, and one would be waiting for you in front of your doorstep. It is free of charge!

The buggy ride.

The Resort

Melati Beach Resort is a private residential estate, spaning across 15 acres of lush, tropical parkland. They provide only suites and villas. Most villas come with a private dip pool, fantastic for newly wed lover birds to chill out during their honey moon. The suites on the other hand are located in the 2-storey terraces, one on the ground floor; the other on the second floor. If you are just wondering, the entrances to the suites at the upper and lower floor are separated. This provides the privacy much needed for each resident.

The entrance gate to the private villas.

Here is an example of the suite terraces. The stairway leading up to the second floor suite.
Do notice the trails around the resort is surrounded by lush greenery gardens. It is rather an enjoyment to view the flowers, trees, mini ponds, mini waterfalls and even an organic garden.

The trails and gardens in Melati Beach Resort.
Here we are, at our very own unit. Make a guess how we did recognize our suite? It has a banana tree in front of it of course! 

The wooden walk way towards our personal suite.
The front yard and entrance.
We loved the spacious front yard at the entrance of our unit, though the down side of it is that we are sharing it with another unit. Well, this did not deterred us from enjoying the comfort within our own room. 

The Room

I am just going to scream about it right now! The room is HUGE!! It comes with a super king size bed and a day bed near the window. We requested for an additional single bed. As we were situated on the second floor, the ceiling was high and majestic. 

Our suite room. 
From the view towards the balcony area.

Amenities in the room are pretty standard. The room is fully air-conditioned which comes with a flat screen TV with cable programs, a mini fridge, coffee and tea facilities. We were given a welcome fruit basket and the kids started munching on them while the Daddy busy snapping photos around the room.

We have a Thai style balcony with sofa and cushions. It is rather dangerous for young kids to be climbing around here, so we pretty much limited their access to the balcony.

The only time that they were allowed to access the balcony is for some mini splash time in the personal bath tub.

The bath tub which is located at the balcony.
The location of the bath tub does not seem quite right, isn't it? It is open-air but they do have draw curtains for some privacy. Unless you are accustom to it, one would not feel just as comfortable to go for a naked dip in this tub. 

Mummy Mae, the kids and their bath toys.
Now, here is another big scream for the bathroom! It is HUGE! 

Here is the wash area equipped with a wash basin and a seated toilet bowl, followed by the shower area.

The wash area.
The shower area provides 2 options : 1 hand shower and 1 rain shower. Oh Gosh! I damn love the super big rain shower!

The Shower Area.

Here is the view from the shower area to the balcony. No worries, there is a shutter window to close before you attempt to have a private shower.

View from the shower area to the balcony.
In addition to the twice a day room clean up service, we can also customized the room to our preference. We are given options for pillows, choice of turn down music, choice of aroma experience in the room and the choice of ice cube request. Mineral water bottles are provided complimentary. A standard of 6 bottles are prepared for each room but we could request for more if needed.

The Facilities & Activities

After rested much in the room, we set out to explore the resort facilities and activities. The first place which we explored of course would be the Kids Club!

The Kids Club.
The Kids Club is basically a playroom with full of toys and mini activities for children. They do provide complimentary child care services while the adults get to enjoy some private time. The toys available are in mint condition with wide variety of choices catered for different ages. They also provide various activities throughout the day, some activities are complimentary while some are paid activities. As the timetable for the activities changes from time to time, it is good to refer to the latest available in the resort room. The staff over looking the children are very friendly and good with the kids.

Among the complimentary activities, the boys attended Thai Kite Making and Joker Balloon Art. 

Drawing and colouring on the Thai Kite.

Bringing his kite to the beach to fly.

Joker Balloon Art. The viking balloon hats and swords were made by Rain, the staff at the Kids club.
We also paid for a pizza making session. It was a hit with the children. The children were guided on rolling out the dough and placing the ingredients onto the pizza. The ingredients include tomato based sauce, ham, pineapple, mushroom and cheese. The best thing was that they get to savor the pizza made by themselves. It was also the first meal which they cooked for Daddy Pok and Mummy Mae. Mmmmm... YUMMY!

Pizza making session.

Pizza making session.
There are also group activities for adults, ranging from beach volley, yoga, taichi, kick-boxing and lots more. Please refer to the resort for the updated time-table.

The Beach

One of the main highlights of this trip was also to allow the boys to enjoy the beach all day. The beach at Melati Resort was absolutely private, quiet and tranquil. There were not much of sports activities. There was only occasional laughter when the local kids were having some games at the beach.

The sandy beach overlooking Koh Phangan Island.
Sun beds provided by the resort.

The quiet beach.

Canoes for rent, provided by the resort.
The boys enjoying sand play.
Big Vann enjoying the sea and waves.

The Pool

If you just can't get enough, there are 2 pools in the resort where one can get a dip on a hot sunny afternoon. The first pool is called the Sanctuary Pool. It is a very private pool, catered only for the adults. Children are not allowed in this pool as the pool is located very near to the villas. 

The Sanctuary Pool.

If you are bringing the children, you may want to go straight down to the main pool which is called The Beach Pool. The Beach Pool boasts of it's infinity pool overlooking the beach and the sea. There is a pool bar serving alcohol drinks. Do check out their happy hour for their delicious cocktails!

The main pool in the morning.

Sun beds beside the main pool.

The pool bar.

The Jacuzzi.
If the main pool is too deep for the toddlers, there is also a smaller kids pool just beside the Kids club.

Big Vann taking a dip at the children's pool.

The Dining  

There are 2 restaurants located within the Resort. The Kan Sak Thong Restaurant is a restaurant which serves Royal Thai cuisine. It is situated near the reception area. The opening hours are from 6.00pm-10.30pm. We did not dine in this restaurant.

Kan Sak Thong Thai Restaurant.
There is another restaurant situated at The Beach Pool which is called The View Restaurant. During our stay, we had complimentary breakfast here. Although the spread was not as luxurious as 5-star Hotels, but the variety was good enough for us. 

The View Restaurant.

We loved the variety of breads. There was a toaster available if you prefer a crunchy toast in the morning. There were pastries too located just beside the bread spread.

Mummy Mae checking out the breads.

Various bread.
There was also various choices of homemade jams and cereals. If you want to be more fancy, they do serve various cheeses, cold ham and yoghurt too! 

Cereals, dried fruits and homemade jams.

Cooling fridge with various cheese, ham and yoghurt.
The kitchen do serve Thai dishes like pad thai, stir fry basil chicken and noodle soup which was quite tasty. Scrambled eggs and omelette can be requested by ordering through the waiters/waitresses. 

Salad bar.

Sauces for your preferences.

Our typical breakfast meal.

Asian style breakfast.
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate can be requested as well. If hot beverages are not your cup of tea, then why not try the cold juices or milk, or a DIY fruit punch. Not to worry about the DIY because there are simple instructions given on how to mix up your very own concoction. If you are a healthy goer, then do not miss out on the fresh fruit juice counter where you could choose any choice of fruits available at the counter and the staff will help to blend the juice just for you. Super fresh!!

Cold beverages.

DIY Fruit punch.

Fresh Fruit juice counter on the right.
Our accommodation package also includes a dinner at The View Restaurant. We were given a choice of starter, a main dish and a dessert for each diner. The children were given the choice of children's meal for each child. We were somewhat disappointed as we were given limited choices to choose from the menu. Some of the chef recommended dishes required a top up amount while the drinks were not complimentary.

Complimentary bread sticks with dip sauces ( red vinegar, avocado sauce and olive oil). 


Thai Seafood Salad.
Listening to the live band.

Kids meal : Fish and Chips.

Kids meal: Tomato based Spaghetti.

Main dish : Thai Satay.

Main Dish : Lamb Shank.

Main Dish : Stir Fry Chicken with Cashew Nut served with steam rice.

Dessert : Chocolate lava cake served with ice-cream.

Dessert : Mango with Glutinous Rice.

The Personal Touch 

On the first night upon returning to our rooms, we were greeted by 2 different surprises from the kitchen. One was the daily sweet dessert by the kitchen Chef, another surprise was a ginger bread man from the kids club. The kids were delighted while gobbling up the ginger bread regardless of the cinnamon tinged taste. Mummy Mae who had a sweet tooth was definitely looking forward to each evening to taste all the different kind of desserts which the chef could have whipped up. The desserts came with a small note describing each serving in detail.

Greetings from the Kid's Club!

The evening sweet desserts!
What's more.... Big Vann received a birthday cake on his birthday breakfast! It was a nice gesture when the staff presented the cake to him while singing the birthday song.

Singing the birthday song.

Birthday Cake from Melati Resort.
We had another surprise upon returning to our room after the breakfast. The staff had nicely decorated the bed! It was very lovely. 

Happy Birthday Deco on the bed!

The SPA and Fitness Centre

Melati Resort houses a SPA Center and a Fitness Center. Unfortunately, these are the 2 areas which we could not review on. We did not fully utilize the fitness center. The SPA on the other hand is slightly high-priced for our standard. The only indulge that we had was the poolside  body massage which costs 450 Baht for an hour of Thai Body massage whereas 500 Baht for an hour of aromatherapy massage. 

The Poolside Massage.

The Transportation

If you got tired and bored staying in the resort, get a cab ride down to town. Nearby towns are Chaweng and Bophut. The atmosphere there is much more vibrant and the variety of food is much better. 

Here are the few transportation options:

1.) Rent a car or scooter to drive yourself around the island. You will have to get use to the traffic and the roads may not be so well lit during the night.

2.) Take the shuttle bus service from Melati Resort. The shuttle bus will take you only to the sister hotel - Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. The shuttle only runs at a specific timing, so do check out the timing from the reception. The shuttle bus is not complimentary and charges do apply.

3.) Get the limousine service from the resort. This is basically similar to calling a cab, just that the reception will make the arrangement for you. The prices are quite competitive and we used this service for a couple of times. This service is convenient when you are getting out from the resort. However, you will need to get a cab on your own while coming back from town.

4.) Get a private driver. There is a small local restaurant situated just beside the resort. It is accessible when you walk along the beach towards the east. The owner of the restaurant do provide chauffeur service and we did engaged him once before we found out about the in-house limousine service. His charges were quite affordable.

The price list for the Limousine Service provided by Melati Beach Resort.
Disclaimer : Please check with the reception for the latest price list.

Well, this sums up our 5 days 4 nights stay in Melati Beach Resort and Spa. It was an overall satisfactory experience. Thumbs up to the crew who had made our stay a memorable one!

For more pictures, please click here to visit our album.

Melati Beach Resort & Spa
Location : 9/99 Moo 5, Bophut, Thongson Bay
                 Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand.
Tel : (6677)913 400 till 20, 248 111
Fax : (6677)913 444 till 5
Email : reservation@melatiresort.com
Website : www.melatiresort.com 

*Disclaimer : This is not a paid review. The review on this post is genuinely from our personal experience with Melati Beach Resort & Spa.

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