2 March 2013

A Family Picnic Event - Rise & Shine Carnival 2013

Have you ever participated in a massive picnic event?

Oh yes, we had our first ever family picnic at the Rise & Shine Carnival 2013 in March 2013. It was held at The Lawn @ Marina Bay. It was a great outdoor experience where the boys had their dose of morning sunshine and the place was breezy, a well-suited location for picnic and family events. Parts of the lawn were shady too due to the high rise building surrounding the field. There were child-friendly activities prepared by the organizers and it kept the boys busy. There were bouncy castles, gym stations, face painting and etc.

The massive picnic event by Rise & Shine.
Let's Rock!

Jumping like Michael Jordan!

Man on walking sticks, Kye was too afraid to go near them...

Bouncy castle on the left and beautiful skyline of Marina Sands.

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