22 November 2013

Christmas 2013 @ Changi Airport

We were back to Changi Airport again in November 2013. This time we weren't taking any flights for vacations. We were here to visit a yellow and adorable friend - Sponge Bob!  If you had read our trip to Penang here, you will find that Changi Airport is also known as one of the best family outing hot spots in Singapore. 

In Christmas 2013, Changi Airport had put up decorations to attract more visitors to visit the airport and they had selected Sponge Bob as this year's theme. The boys had not watch Sponge Bob Square Pants before, but some how they picked up from their friends in school. They could easily recognize the cute yellow sponge who lives in the sea. 

Upon entering Terminal 3, we were greeted by the magnificent show case of a pineapple house. 

Sponge Bob pineapple house.
Let's take a look closer. The welcome sign.

Oh, it's Santa's Office! So did Sponge Bob shifted his pineapple house to the Artic to celebrate the Christmas? Or did Santa shifted his office to join Sponge Bob in the sea? 

Let's take a look around the house...

Here's Sponge Bob! Cheeky as usual...
Mr. Krabs..
The entrance to the pineapple house. Oops! We were too early, can't enter yet..
Lots of Christmas tree and flowers surrounding the house.
Kye examining the wooden panes.... Good sensory touch.. 
Vann helped to explore Santa's office....

Where do the letters go? Stamp a Chop!
Look who's the boss?
Letters from the children from all over the world!
Sleeky  and cosy Santa's office, would you love to help Santa?
Ah! Such a big teddy bear!!
Well, this was just the first part of our outing. Now, here comes the main attraction of the day - the Sponge Bob inflated playground!!

Looks tempting? How big is it?
It is huge!!
We were the early birds again. We got to see how the organizers inflated the full playground. Vann had a chance to enter the bouncy castle but he was not tall enough for the big slide. The entrance was free and we got a play ticket with a minimum amount of expenditure in Changi Airport. Unfortunately, Kye had to stay with Mummy Mae as he was still too young to enter the grounds.

Waiting patiently...
Shoes off, almost ready to get in...
Here we go! Up Up Up! 
Go get more balls!
After Vann's playing session, we went for train rides travelling in between 3 different terminals. Kye loves taking train rides and Changi Airport is one of the places where we could take free train rides! Here are some of the snippets of our exploration...

A very beautiful christmas decoration.
Do they look very much alike? Brothers or twins?
Saint Basil's Cathedral.
The pisa tower.
For more pictures of the Christmas 2013 @ Changi Airport, please view here.

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