25 December 2013

Eat.Play.Love Cafe

This is the place where you can eat, play and fall in love all in one place. Yes, the name of the café spells it all! This dining venue has been very popular with families with young toddlers. It provides a cozy dining place with lots of things to eat, lots of things to see and lots of things to play. We had a chance to drop by Eat.Play.Love café for lunch after our Kampung Glam Heritage Trail.

We were here on a Christmas day, early in the morning as soon as the café opened. There were 4 or more families, plus a few young couples queuing outside of the café. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation if you planned to visit this café.  We were greeted by a very friendly staff and each of the visitors was assigned to our seats in a very orderly manner, starting from visitors with reservations.

The entrance of Eat.Play.Love cafe.

As soon as we entered the café, we can’t help but noticing the crafty decorations surrounding us. 

Inspiration Corner.
Let's get crafty!

Daddy and mummy soon settled with the food menu. This café serves a variety of Thai cuisine and western fare. We ordered a set of Basil Chicken with Rice and a set of our all-time favourite – Mac n Cheese. For drinks, Daddy ordered a Café Mocha while the boys get a hot milo and hot Nutella Chocolate(not in picture) each.

Glorious Food!

We also ordered a banana caramel waffle with ice-cream. Unfortunately, the boys were unable to wait for Daddy to take a picture. They gobbled up the yummy dessert in no time. After the meal, Mummy spent some time with the boys at the crafty corner. 

The Kids Craft Corner has an hourly charge and it comes with a craft pack.
$5 / first 2 hours on weekdays
$5 / first 1 hour on Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays
*Subsequent 30min @ $2.50

Since it was Christmas day, the craft pack were in Christmas theme, varying from snowman, gingerbread man, santa-claus and elves.

The craft pack selection in Christmas theme.

The boys decided on gingerbread man and they started to work out their little crafty fingers. Besides the material in the crafty pack, the children were also allowed to use any craft materials provided at the craft corner. 

The boys getting busy!

After an hour of craft session, Ta-dah! Here is the final artwork. 

Final artwork. Left by Kye; Right by Vann.
And guess what? When we were leaving, Big Vann ended our visit by saying, “Mama, I LOVE YOU!”

Awwww…… Meltzzzz………. 

Overall, we find that the food is about average for our personal liking. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. The boys nonetheless enjoyed their time here at the craft session. We even brought home a small souvenir! 

$1.00 Fun! Foam aeroplane.
For menu and more details, please visit Eat.Play.Love café website.

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