2 October 2013

Penang Family Trip 2013 - Part 1

Day 1: From Changi Airport to Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

The Pok family had a chance to go for a short family trip in Oct last year. It was the first ever experience that the boys got to travel in an Airplane. They were very excited while Mummy and Daddy were somewhat anxious to bring the toddlers on board for the first time. Since it was the first overseas trip, we decided to choose Penang as a choice of our destination, mainly due to the following reasons:
1) This is the place where Daddy Pok and Mummy Mae met and got married. It will be a nostalgic moment to be back in Penang. Oh, I am still craving for all the yummy food in Penang!
2) Daddy Pok and Mummy Mae have many friends located in Penang. So in case of any emergencies, help would be available.
3) We came across a Groupon discount for Hard Rock Hotel Penang and that struck us that we should purchase this for a family vacation!
First of all, let me introduce you to the beautiful Penang Island. Penang Island is part of the Penang state located at the far north of Malaysia. It was one of the 3 Straits Settlements (along with Malacca and Singapore) which were ruled under the British Administration in the 1820s. The island was a free port and visitors from China, India and British flocked here to trade. Therefore it is common to find that Penang has the similar kind of cultural influence which is seen in Malacca and Singapore, for e.g. Baba and Nyonya, Mamak, colonial settlements and etc.
Well, back to our first ever family trip….
Since we were catching a noon flight, we decided to leave our house early and spend some time in Changi Airport. Changi Airport is well-known for its family friendly attractions and there are a lot of things to be discovered within the transit area. Instead of visiting the children playground, we brought the boys to relish in the serenity of the indoor gardens. Check out the beautiful flora and fauna exhibited below..
Koi Pond @ Terminal 2

Sunflower Garden @ Terminal 2

Enchanted Garden @ Terminal 2

Sensory experience for the boys @ Enchanted Garden.

Our little budding photographer.

Eagerly waiting...

Eagerly waiting...

After 1.5 hours flight, we reached our destination safely. Thanks to the meal and the doodle set provided on board. The boys were easy to manage and well behaved. We picked up our rented car at the airport and headed all the way north to Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Ferringhi for check-in.

We were greeted with a welcome drink and the check in process went smoothly. What’s great about Hard Rock Hotel is that it is located at the side of the beach. Visitors can have access to the beach and nothing else is better than waking to the sound of waves and a beautiful beach side view!

Kye enjoying his time in the room.
Vann loves the bed. We requested an additional single bed.
The view from our room.
Without wasting much time, we put on our shoes and explored the Hotel surroundings.

 First of all, the boys explored the Lil Rock Kids club. There is nothing much except for a TV, gaming console, a small caterpillar crawling structure and a coloring corner. There is slide structure but Mummy Mae finds it unstable for young toddlers to play with.

Since only one adult is allowed to accompany the children at one time, Daddy Pok was free to roam around the Hotel surroundings while the kids at play. Here is the list of Daddy’s photography exploits.

Waterplay area and water slides.

Swimming pool area.
Beach Bar
Cabanas for spa.
The beach....

Since it was around 4pm after we had settled on our transport and accommodation, we took a light stroll along the beach. After that, we headed out to Feringhi Garden Restaurant, a nearby dining place for a nice dinner.

We turn in for bed early on the first day of travel to recharge our batteries for more exciting journey on the next day. Before you proceed to our Penang Hill or Penang Street Art adventure, may I present you the night ambience of Hard Rock Hotel Penang. With the soothing sound of the flapping waves, this is truly a fascinating place for love birds to spend a romantic honey moon together.

The entrance of Hard Rock Hotel.
Guardian Angels of the swimming pool. :)
Hard Rock Cafe
The legendary Michael Jackson.
Swimming pool night view.

Overall, we enjoyed our 2 nights stay in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The service was satisfactory. The breakfast served had a wide spread of food and the children loved it. The facilities in the Hotel were kids friendly and the boys enjoyed their time playing in the water and sandy beaches.

To read more, please click on the following link..

For more pictures of our Penang family trip, please view here.

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