3 October 2013

Penang Family Trip 2013 - Part 2

Day 2: Penang Hill.

There is a saying “You’ve never been to Penang unless you’ve been to Penang Hill”. Oh yes, and this is our first stop for our Penang trip.
Penang Hill is located on the Penang Island within the area of Ayer Itam. One of the drawbacks of staying in Hard Rock Hotel was that we had to travel across the winding hillside road of Batu Ferringhi. If you are driving and ferrying young toddlers, it is best to prepare plastic bag just in case they have nausea. The area of Ayer Itam is very busy, packed with tourist and locals and the roads are small to begin with. There are 2 main attractions here, which is the Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si Temple. We gave the temple a miss since there will be lots of walking to do and towing young toddlers up the Temple IMHO is not a good idea. In contrary, Penang Hill provides a vernacular cable car service up to the Hill top and we believed that it would be a fun experience for the boys. 
At the foot of Penang Hill.
Ta-dah! Here we are at the foot of Penang Hill.
The queuing system has improved quite a lot and it was a breeze for us. There were a number of school students troupe and we were lucky to enter just before them. However, we do find that the waiting time is about 10-15 minutes between each carrier to reach the station. We were quite delighted that they have upgraded to the new cable cars. The ride was faster and smoother, best of all there is no need for carrier transit like what we used to do at the half way up of the hill.
In the cabin of the cable car.

The mid way station.

Up Up Up we go!

Into the tunnel!

While travelling up to the hill, one can enjoy the flora and fauna just beside the track. It would be even better if you are at the last cabin where you can catch the breathless view down the hill. You can also spot some colonial bungalows on the way up.

The magnificent view from the top of Penang Hill!

View from Penang Hill.

Here it is! The magnificent view of Penang Island from the hill top! Look closely and you will see the 13.5KM Penang Bridge stretching in between the mainland Seberang Perai and the Penang Island. Being 2750 feet above sea level, it was quite soothing to feel the cool breeze ??

There are a few attractions at Penang Hill: Cliff Café & Owl Museum, sky terrace at David Brown Restaurant, Hotel Bellevue & Aviary Ginger Garden, Guided Nature Trail, Guided Colonial Buildings Tour and etc. Check out the interactive map at this website.

Despite the interesting offer, we decided to chill out and relax at the patio while the boys refill their energy with snacks and plain water.
Chilling out!
The Owl Museum & the Cliff Cafe
Time to head back down again..

At the hill top station.

We dropped by Ayer Itam Market for the ever famous………..

Penang Laksa! 

This is one of the few local delicacies which we had in our short trip. We will definitely be back to Penang for more food!

We ended the day by spending the afternoon at the hotel. Unfortunately the water slide area was too deep and the boys had to give it a miss. Nevertheless, the boys had a fun time enjoying themselves in the water and building sand castle by the pool. In the evening, we had a quick dinner in a nearby food court serving local dishes. The boys went to bed early while Mummy and Daddy get packed up for the next day departure.

To read more, please click on the following link..
For more pictures of our Penang family trip, please view here.

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