2 October 2013

Penang – Ferringhi Garden Restarurant

A fine dining in the heartlands of Batu Ferringhi.

It was partially impromptu that we landed ourselves at the Ferringhi Garden restaurant. It was recommended by a close friend of Mummy Mae that this would be a nice dining option to consider. We initially planned to visit Gurney for their wide array of local delights, but due to limited time we decided to settle our dinner somewhere nearby. Ferringhi Garden Restaurant did not quite catch our eyes at first. Its modest entrance was hiding amidst potteries of plants and flowers. We took a stroll along various eateries while glancing through their menus; this is when we notice from the menu labels that we have reached the place which we are searching for.

When we entered Ferringhi Garden, we were greeted by a Balinese alfresco setting. Wooden furniture resting peacefully, laid with fine dining cutleries and the oil lamp on each table lits your way through the restaurant. We chose a table at the indoor area and were glad to find that they do provide high chairs for babies. When Mummy Mae and Daddy Pok each took turns to survey the venue, we were surprised to find that the area of the restaurant was quite big. The building was extended to the back towards their private car park area. There is a stretch of tables at the outdoor for nature lovers, a bar in the middle and another dining room which houses a mini bar and dining tables with an authentic Nyonya touch.

Ferringi Garden Restaurants serves an array of western and local delights. We ordered a salad, a set of satay, roasted chicken and cabonara pasta. The boys loved the chicken and satay. We find that the dishes were quite palatable except for the satay. The price of the food was somewhat steep, and the local dish was not comparable to the street delights in Penang.

Well, overall we give thumbs up to the ambience of the restaurant but we believe we could find more yummy food elsewhere in Penang. If you are on a date and wanting to impress your partner, then this will be a perfect place for you to visit; But if you are looking for cheap and yummy food to satisfy your palate, this place may not be on the top of your list. Of course, we have yet to try their high-end Angus Beef steak and such, it probably may have given us another round of surprise.
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