20 February 2014

Dinosaur Obsessions - Titans of The Past!

Be it adults or children, most of us have a fare share of curiosity towards dinosaurs. Why? This is because dinosaurs are extinct and we have not seen one alive. The dinosaurs left their bones and fossils to allow us to expand our imaginations wide. The human brain is no doubt ever curious about the mysteries of the world. We want to find answers! We love imaginations! So, how would scientist come to know how dinosaurs look like if they had not seen one themselves? This is nevertheless the ART of paleontology. Why ART? This is because paleontology is a combination of imaginative art and factual science which uncovers the secrets and mysteries of our world. 

Have you seen a growing triceratops or have you observed the changes on their horns? Do they grow longer or shorter? Do they grow outwards or inwards? Are the horns used for defensive purposes or as an identification? We learn all these much in the Titans Of The Past exhibition.

An array or triceratops fossils showing from babies to full grown adult.
Actual fossil in action. Would have this been the Mummy or a Daddy?

Here is the Mummy/Daddy and baby T-Rex........

A comparison between the adult and the baby T-Rex skull.

Are dinosaur skulls too boring for you? No worries! There are exhibitions with replica of fossils and animatronics( animated electronic moving dinosaurs ) to help you and your child in creating interesting story lines.

Oh dear! The poor triceratops was being attacked by the gigantic T-Rex!

A mummy Triceratops overlooking its baby.

Shhhh! We better keep quiet here! The Dino fight is ON! Who will win the battle?

The big guys!
HOLD ON! Do you feel chilly in here... Wow... Look at the starry skies... It's the Mammoth and his friends from the Ice Age era...

This is not an elephant! It's a mammoth!

Oooo... Look at the sharp teeth! Please do not bite me!

Hey! What long nose you have...

It's a tortoise! No, it's not a tortoise! No, I think it is..... Grrrr....
Are you convinced enough to be a paleontologist?

Dig Dig Dig!

Is that a bone? or a stone? Ooppss...
So have you visited Titans of The Past dinosaur exhibition in Science Centre Singapore? 
MAI-TU LIAO.....! Get your tickets quick before it ends this weekend! For more information, please visit the website as stated below..

Titans of The Past
Exhibition Dates : 25 October 2013 - 23 February 2014
Location : The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore
Admission Charges : ( Inclusive of Science Centre Entry )
$25 Adult
$19 Child

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