7 December 2013

Thomas & Friends Stage Show 2013

“They're two they're four 
they're six and eight 
Shunting trucks and hauling freight 
red and green and brown and blue 
they're the really useful crew……”

These lyrics are no stranger especially to those parents who have toddler boys. It is the ever famous toddler show theme song – Thomas & Friends. Vann and Kye are big fans of wheels and trains, and they truly love Thomas & Friends! Since there was a free stage show held in City Square Mall in conjunction of the Christmas Holidays 2013, we definitely would not miss it.

We are usually the early birds. If we have outings during the weekend, we would leave the house early to have a nice brunch, and then followed by our planned activities. This is the way how we avoid crowds and parking problems. And here on an early Saturday morning in City Square Mall, we saw the festive Thomas & Friends stage standing peacefully in the quiet mall.

The stage of the show. Where is Thomas?
After a sumptuous breakfast at Swensens, Daddy Pok proceeded to queue for the Meet & Greet passes whereas Mummy Mae and the boys selected some nice seats just in front of the stage. Mummy Mae was pretty surprised that the boys had waited obediently for the show. Somewhat after 30 minutes, our long patience was paid off when the show started with the introduction of the 2 main performers: Rusty and Dusty.

The main performers of the day - Rusty and Dusty.
The 30 minutes show was packed with laughter, songs and interactive sessions where the audiences were encouraged to participate in helping Rusty and Dusty to solve their problems. Of course, not forgetting the appearance of Thomas brought great delight to the children.   

Hello Thomas!
Sir Topham Hatt and his crew.
Can you spot Vann.......?

The show ended with a burst of snowflakes falling down from above. It was another surprise ending for the kids. 

It's snowing!

Overall, it was a very very good show! Thumbs up to the casts, as well as the backstage crew. It had a good story line and lots of audience interactive sessions. The performers were great and professional. During the show, there was a part where the portable microphone was not working properly. The performers were not distracted and kept the show going despite the technical glitch. The meet & greet session was conducted very smoothly too. The crew offered to carry our bags so that we could have a great memorable picture.

Our family portrait with Thomas & Friends.
We do hope for more good shows like these in 2014 and we will definitely be part of it! 

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