29 March 2014

Fort Canning Park

A Colonial History Trail - Fort Canning Park. 

It was weekend again. The bright sunny Saturday morning gave us an opportunity to explore the outdoors again. Our adventure this time brought us back in time on a colonial history trail. We visited the Fort Canning Park.

Fort Canning Park is perfect for a heritage and nature stroll. The walking trails were very much shaded and the huge heritage trees served as an attraction for nature lovers. 

Nparks have created multiple trails for Fort Canning Park which suited different target audience. Visitors can download the maps and brochure from here. In this link, do remember to scroll right down to the DIY eguides section. There are 5 different DIY guides. We chose the Colonial History Walking Trail which would cover the whole of the park. Here is the map for our walking trail.

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17 March 2014

Singapore Botanical Gardens

We love nature; We love heritage.

No doubt modern technology plays an important role in human civilization, but heritage and culture defines our social roots. The great thing about Singapore is that we have both within a small island. We have our national garden - Singapore Botanical Gardens ( a living heritage to be preserved ); as well as the iconic Gardens By The Bay embracing the best modern technology in bringing the ultimate nature experience from all over the world into Singapore.

Singapore Botanical Garden (SBG) = Nature + Heritage.

The Tanglin Gate
Singapore Botanical Garden holds a very long history since year 1822. The very first 'Botanical and Experimental Garden was first developed by Sir Stamford Raffles at Fort Canning. The present botanical garden was later founded in year 1859. This 74-hectare Garden holds a unique and significant place in the history of Singapore and the region.

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13 March 2014

12 Things About Being A Parent

After being a parent,
I became a teacher.
I teach my child from A to Z,
And counting numbers 1,2,3.

After being a parent,
I became a singer.
Memorizing each childhood song,
And humming them as my child sleep along.

After being a parent,
I became an actor.
I would act like a bird, a cow or an alligator,
Sometimes a car, a train or a big fat tractor.

After being a parent,
I became a nurse.
I work all shifts day and night,
Nursing my sick child hugging him tight.

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8 March 2014

A Night Out @ i Light Marina Bay 2014

This was one of our rare opportunity to travel down town on a weekend evening, especially to the business district area. This time we had a good reason to visit the area. We usually have outings in the morning but seldom in the evenings. We had to have plans in the morning so that the boys were able to take a nap before going out for this big event -  i Light Marina Bay 2014.

i Light Marina Bay 2014
i Light Marina Bay is Asia's only sustainable light art festival which showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents. This event was held in Marina Bay and the exhibits were placed surrounding the water front. We felt that it was a great opportunity to bring the kids to experience the night view of our stunning Singapore night line. Knowing that some of the exhibits in i Light Marina Bay 2014 is quite interactive and would attract the attention of the children, we know we must go!
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4 March 2014

Our Nature Trail Collection

Do you love nature?

We love nature trails. We love the gardens, trees, flowers, and fields.  We believe in providing outdoor activities for the boys as much as we can. The children need the wide open space to run around. They need the sunlight and fresh air! Although there are more and more indoor playgrounds sprouting around Singapore, but nothing beats getting a sweat and fun outdoors. We are so fortunate to be living in Singapore. It is no doubt that Singapore is working towards being a city in the gardens. If you check out www.nparks.gov.sg , there is a long list of nature parks to visit in Singapore. What’s best is that most of the entrances are FOC!

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