8 March 2014

A Night Out @ i Light Marina Bay 2014

This was one of our rare opportunity to travel down town on a weekend evening, especially to the business district area. This time we had a good reason to visit the area. We usually have outings in the morning but seldom in the evenings. We had to have plans in the morning so that the boys were able to take a nap before going out for this big event -  i Light Marina Bay 2014.

i Light Marina Bay 2014
i Light Marina Bay is Asia's only sustainable light art festival which showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents. This event was held in Marina Bay and the exhibits were placed surrounding the water front. We felt that it was a great opportunity to bring the kids to experience the night view of our stunning Singapore night line. Knowing that some of the exhibits in i Light Marina Bay 2014 is quite interactive and would attract the attention of the children, we know we must go!

* While you read along this post, do note that we have included an official link for each installation featured. Please click on the link if you are interested to know more about the message behind each installations. 

Here is how we plan our journey. 

The map of i Light Marina Bay 2014.
This map is available in the i Light Marina Bay 2014 official website and it is interactive. It serves as a good guide to the locations of each installations. This map is also available along the route of the exhibitions, so it is not necessary to have a print out while you are there. Do notice that the exhibits are divided into 2 routes, Route A and Route B. There is a free guided tour for each route and details can be found here. We definitely had to choose the free and easy package since we were towing 2 active boys around. We decided to start our journey from installation A14 which is near The Promontory @ Marina Bay heading towards Marina Bay Sands and end at the Esplanade.

We took a MRT train ride to Downtown MRT station. The boys always look forward to train rides and it was a perfect fix for this outing. We headed towards The Promontory after exiting from the MRT station. The strong beeze greeted us while we were walking on The Lawn. It was easy to notice the great big white tents at The Promontory as it was hosting the Savour event of i Light Marina Bay. The Travelling C.O.W and Kerbside Gourmet was parked at the Promontory as well. We had a quick fix dinner with pizza and hotdog buns from Kerbside Gourmet. 

Savour at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.
Mummy Mae and the boys getting ready for the i Light journey.
The Travelling C.O.W. selling special gourmet burgers.
The Kerbside Gourmet selling quick fix salads, pizza & hotdogs.
Yummy! Quick fix dinner!
After dinner, we started our i Light journey from station A14-The Pool and it was the biggest hit for the boys. The children skipped and hop on the round platforms while the circular pads changed into different color of display lights. 

A14-The Pool
Next on, we spotted A12-The Guardian Angels. Mummy Mae loved the realistic installation of fiber lights depicting the water pouring down from the watering can.

A12-The Guardian Angels

The next installation nearby was A11-**Insert Caption Please - a giant speech bubble which generates random quotes and text. Well, unless Mummy Mae had stood there to read through all the quotes, this installation did not quite attract the boys.

A11-**Insert Caption Please
Walking further on, we approached A10-Floating Hearts - a wall of illuminated hearts on display. The boys instantly ran towards it and played with the switches. They could turn ON or OFF each of the heart. If you are artistic enough, you can basically create a design pattern by switching on designated hearts!

A10-Floating Hearts
Inspired by childhood memories of hugging soft toys to sleep, lighting artist Uno Lai created this installation A09-Joujou-Ours with big plushy toy bears. The installations were light and easily moved when being pushed by the children. Kye became wary that he thought it was a REAL big bear which was moving! By hugging him tight, we were able to capture a nice picture with the cute plushy bear. 

A4-Happy Croco

Beware! Do not step too near.. Will the croco bite? 

Do not worry... It's a Happy Croco
Kye spotted this big blue tree from afar. Upon nearing, we realized that it was A2-The Wishing! Tree. Visitors were queuing to get a wishing ribbon which could be tossed up to the tree. Look at the papers swaying in the wind. Isn't it beautiful?

A2 The Wishing! Tree
From blue to white, installation A1-Beat comprises of white translucent shapes which drew our attention. Vann could not wait to sit on the white pearly balls. His imagination ran wild and acted as if he was driving a white sports car!

Yay! We finally completed Route A and we were half tired. We took a quick pit stop, refreshing (diaper change for Kye) and refueling (water break for the boys) ourselves.

If you are hungry by this time, you can get a quick bite at The Event Plaza Marina Bay Sands as Pasar Bella & Friends are in town to present their fresh and tasty cuisines! 

It would be a better plan to cover Route B on a second visit, especially for families with young toddlers. However, we were much determined to finish Route B on the same night. We continue to head towards the ArtScience Museum to continue our i Light journey. 

At the ArtScience Museum.
The next stop was B14-Celebration of Life by Justin Lee. The ArtScience Musuem had magically converted into a big live screen showcasing an animation featuring Asian culture. This installation can be seen from multiple locations, including the front foyer of the museum, the viewing decks on The Helix Bridge and The Float @ Marina Bay. It was magnificent to view it on the bridge. Unfortunately both boys disliked the loud blasting sounds from the speakers. Kye was scared especially when the visions of wayang kulit appeared on the lotus-liked building. Mummy Mae had to hug and led him away from the animation show.

Here is the collection of images captured from The Helix Bridge. A breathless and amazing sight to behold. It is uncommon to see the lotus being dressed in such colorful fashion.

B14-Celebration of Life

B14-Celebration of Life
We crossed The Helix Bridge and arrived at The Float @ Marina Bay. We walked, and walked, and walked till we were too tired to explore Route B in details. We saw B10-1.26 Singapore and B11-Digital Wattle from afar. These installations were prominent and easy to spot. We missed out quite a few installations which were hiding behind the seating gallery. We soon arrived at B9-Cloud featuring a white fluffy shape made up of light bulbs. The silver beaded strings below made the rain drops looked surreal. Those were the pull strings switches which served to trigger interactions with the cloud. 


We passed by B4-The Wheels of Industry. It was a small vehicle with beautiful stained glass windows. It had to be powered up using the kinetic bicycle installed beside it. A few kids attempt to power up the lights in the vehicle by cycling on the wheels. It was not something that the boys could do at their young age.

Our i Light Marina Bay journey ended with this installation, B6-Giant Dandelions. These man-made giant dandelions were standing beautifully on a green patch of grass. The flowers looked real, fluffy and soft. It was hard to recognize the material until you have had a closer look. They were made from recycled plastic bottles. A very very creative sustainable artwork creation!

Vann posing with B6-The Giant Dandelions
The Giant Dandelions made from recycled plastic bottles.
By this time, tiredness had fill our bodies and we could not walked much more. There were a few more exhibits but we had to give it a miss. We thought we could probably come back again another day and catch the Wonder Full Light & Water Show too. We dreaded our walking journey to Esplanade MRT station. Being unfamiliar with the directions at Esplanade, we carried our heavy legs walking through tunnels and malls. Finally, we reached the MRT station and took a ride home with a heavy heart. It was nevertheless fun and tiring, and a truly Light+heART journey @ i Light Marina Bay 2014.

For more pictures of this post, please view here.

i Light Marina Bay 2014 
Date : 7th - 30th March 2014
Time : 7.30pm - 11.30pm
Venue : Marina Bay Waterfront
Free Admission.

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