29 March 2014

Fort Canning Park

A Colonial History Trail - Fort Canning Park. 

It was weekend again. The bright sunny Saturday morning gave us an opportunity to explore the outdoors again. Our adventure this time brought us back in time on a colonial history trail. We visited the Fort Canning Park.

Fort Canning Park is perfect for a heritage and nature stroll. The walking trails were very much shaded and the huge heritage trees served as an attraction for nature lovers. 

Nparks have created multiple trails for Fort Canning Park which suited different target audience. Visitors can download the maps and brochure from here. In this link, do remember to scroll right down to the DIY eguides section. There are 5 different DIY guides. We chose the Colonial History Walking Trail which would cover the whole of the park. Here is the map for our walking trail.

Source Credit : National Parks.

We started our journey from Carpark A, entering the Gothic Gate into Fort Canning Green. 

Colorful windmill at Fort Canning Green.
This green lawn houses the majestic Fort Canning Centre and it has been a popular venue for concerts and music festival.

Fort Canning Centre.
The First Christian Cemetery was built surrounding this area.

First Christian Cemetery.
Does not look like a typical cemetery? How about this.... Gothic style cemetery.....

Gothic style burial ground.
These two dome-shaped cupolas were designed by George Drumgold Coleman, an influential figure in the development of Singapore's infrastructure.

The boys were given a printed map with distinctive attractions and landmarks. We conducted a family activity which aims to track all the attractions featured in the pictures.

Exploring around Fort Canning Green.

At the Gothic Gate.
Upon exiting the second Gothic Gate, we arrived at the Spice Garden - a small replica of Singapore's first experimental and botanical garden. 

We then walked up a flight of stairs and proceeded to the Archaeological Dig and Exhibition Area. This exhibit shows how artefacts were being dug out from the historical site.

Archaeological Dig Exhibition.
We continued our trail along the Bond Terrace. 

A lovely shelter along Bond Terrace.
Along the path lies a 9-pound canon. The boys couldn't possible leave without taking a picture with the canon.

The boys with the masculine 9-pound canon.
These were a few attractions situated further down the road.

The Lighthouse.

Raffles House.

The Time Ball which was used in the past to signal the correct time to the public.
These were followed by a long stretch of nature trails surrounded by huge and unique heritage trees.

Entering the magical nature trail.
Big tree branches overhauling the secretive passage way.
Vann and Mummy Mae had a squabble over this tree. Vann claimed that this tree was fake while Mummy Mae said it was real. What do you think?  

Fake or real? A unique tree with special looking roots.
We also passed by an ancient looking wall nestled in the bushes. Looks eerie...

An ancient wall.
After a walk along the quiet path way with trees and bushes, we were so glad to have arrived at the Fort Gate. Across the fort gate was a green plain. It was quite 'happening' here. There were groups of people learning samurai sword and families having outdoor photography. We felt very much like coming back again to the real world.

The Fort Gate.
Taking a break.
More sight of trees to behold.
The sculpture society is situated near the Fort Gate. Hence, this also marked the start of our Sculpture Trail. 

The Sculpture Pavillion. Works in progress.
Sculpture : Make Cents.
Sculpture : Untitled.

Please do not ask me.. You could have guessed it..

Sculpture : Incarnation

A musical instrument which makes music using wind.
Stairways leading down to Fort Canning Centre.
After the break, we proceeded towards Fort Canning Centre towards ASEAN Sculpture Garden. Along the way, we also discovered the Underground Bunker and Sally Port. 

The Underground Bunker is an underground command centre constructed in 1936.

The big description book about the Underground Bunker.
Sally Port is a small door leading in and out of the fort. This is one of the 3 at Fort Canning park. The other two have however, disappeared.

Sally Port.
Entering ASEAN Sculpture Garden... 

These were some of the sculptures which we have spotted in the Sculpture Garden.

Sculpture : Balance.

Sculpture : Augury

Sculpture : Unity.

Sculpture : Together.

Sculpture : Concentration.
Sculpture : Fresdesvinda (An unfinished boat which brings the meaning of regional cooperation between the countries).
Sculpture : Pedas Pedas (A red hot chilli). Located at the ground behind National Museum.
Our outing ended with a good scrumptious lunch at Food For Thought @ National Museum. 

Vann enjoying his Kids Work Meal.

Kye enjoying the Red Velvet Cake.

It was overall a quiet and pleasant morning trail, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We were glad that the boys got their fair share of outdoor sun and there were so many things to see in the historical park. We believe in no time soon they will start to appreciate these historical remnants when they start learning the history of Singapore. Meanwhile, we hope the boys enjoyed the lush greenery and the ancient adventures which Fort Canning Park has to offer.

For more pictures, please view here.  

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