4 March 2014

Our Nature Trail Collection

Do you love nature?

We love nature trails. We love the gardens, trees, flowers, and fields.  We believe in providing outdoor activities for the boys as much as we can. The children need the wide open space to run around. They need the sunlight and fresh air! Although there are more and more indoor playgrounds sprouting around Singapore, but nothing beats getting a sweat and fun outdoors. We are so fortunate to be living in Singapore. It is no doubt that Singapore is working towards being a city in the gardens. If you check out www.nparks.gov.sg , there is a long list of nature parks to visit in Singapore. What’s best is that most of the entrances are FOC!

Here is the list of parks which we have visited. Stay tuned for more write ups on each park. Meanwhile, you can view the lovely photos which Daddy Pok has captured in the following links.

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