17 March 2014

Singapore Botanical Gardens

We love nature; We love heritage.

No doubt modern technology plays an important role in human civilization, but heritage and culture defines our social roots. The great thing about Singapore is that we have both within a small island. We have our national garden - Singapore Botanical Gardens ( a living heritage to be preserved ); as well as the iconic Gardens By The Bay embracing the best modern technology in bringing the ultimate nature experience from all over the world into Singapore.

Singapore Botanical Garden (SBG) = Nature + Heritage.

The Tanglin Gate
Singapore Botanical Garden holds a very long history since year 1822. The very first 'Botanical and Experimental Garden was first developed by Sir Stamford Raffles at Fort Canning. The present botanical garden was later founded in year 1859. This 74-hectare Garden holds a unique and significant place in the history of Singapore and the region.

The Singapore Botanical Garden has an official website which stores comprehensive details about the garden. Before visiting this garden, it would be good to browse through the list of attractions  at their website here. Do check out their opening times and the garden map. The garden is mainly consist of 3 cores : the Tanglin Core, the Central Core and the Bukit Timah Core. With the completion of The Botanical Gardens MRT station on Circle Line MRT, it has given much more accessibility to the local residents to visit SBG. This MRT station is located at the Bukit Timah Gate. It would be definitely much more convenient if you travel on your own transport and there are ample space for car park. Here are some of our photo collection of the wonderful and lovely garden, and this also serves as the highlight for those who would love to visit the Singapore Botanical Garden.

This is the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage located at Central Core. This is where outdoor orchestral performances often being held.

The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage 
The Swan Lake located at Tanglin Core.

The Swan Lake
The Bandstand located at Tanglin Core. A 84 years old gazebo which still stands tall till today.

The Bandstand

Here are some snapshots of the nature walking trails which you will experience within the Gardens. It feels like as if you were walking through an enchanted garden.

Enchanted walking trails...
A colonial walkway towards the Bandstand
Artistic sculptures can be found in the corners of the Gardens. Do remember to keep an eye to look out for them.
Various Sculpture installed.

Vann posing beside Chang Kuda Sculpture.
For flowers lovers, please remember to check out the National Orchid Garden. With over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display, it is definitely a worth while visit for an entrance fee of $5.00. Check out the opening hours at this link.

The National Orchid Garden.
Here are the pretty blooms captured in SBG. 

Bloom of Flowers.
SBG is not only the home to many flowers and plants species, but also to some bird species too.

The Dancing Swan.
The black beauty.
The swimming duck.

Sights and sounds are equally important for a relaxing walking experience in SBG. Enjoy the serenity as you pass by the beautiful waterfalls located around the Garden.

Family with young children would not want to miss the opportunity to visit the children's garden - Jacob Ballas Garden. There are water and sand play, a garden maze, and a magnificent tree house which turns out to be a favourite spot for a weekend family brunch. The 2 orange tall slides are definitely a hit for the kids. 

The tree house at Jacob Ballas Garden.
The best way to end a outing at the end of the day would be to have a chilling ice-cream at the Bliss Kidz Cafe just located outside of Jacob Ballas Garden. 

If you were wondering if there are any dining options, do check out the following links for more details:
Tanglin Core : Food For Thought
Central Core : Au Jardin Restaurant, Casa Verde, Food Canopy, Halia Restaurant and Villa Halia 
Bukit Timah Core : Blue Bali, The Dunearn

For more pictures for this post, please click here.

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