21 April 2014

Mount Faber -The Henderson Waves & Cable Car Ride

Mount Faber Park - A hill top express getaway with lush greenery.

View @ Mount Faber.
Recently, we explored Mount Faber park - one of the oldest park in Singapore. It is also part of The Southern Ridges nature trail spanning across 10km of green, open space. Mount Faber Park is one of the best tourist spot to catch the panaromic view of the city, harbor and the southern islands. We had visited Mount Faber on two consecutive weekends. The weather on the first visit was rather cloudy and we were caught in light drizzles throughout our walking trip. Vann was wary when we decided to take a cable car ride which he then much regretted when we reached home. Hence, this prompted us to go for a second visit to make up for which we had missed out. Do look out for the Cable Car promotion details at the end of this post.

Part 1 - Mount Faber Park - Henderson Waves

Mount Faber Park Map.
There are numerous ways to get up to Mount Faber and they can be found in this linkWe drove our car up to Mount Faber park as the parking is free. The number of parking lots were limited but not to worry as valet services are also available at The Jewel Box for a fee of $5.00. We travelled up via Mount Faber Road and arrived at Carpark B. We proceeded further down the road and reached The Jewel Box which houses luxury eateries and the Singapore Cable Car Station.

The Jewel Box.
We passed The Jewel Box and parked our car at Carpark C as we planned to hike along the nature paths to Henderson Waves - one of the main attraction of The Southern Ridges.

Big signs pointing to the directions of Henderson Waves.
Here we were on the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. 

Walking along the highest pedestrian bridge.

This bridge is 274m long and 36m high above Henderson Road, connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. It has a distinctive wave-liked shaped structure which serves as a good photography spot. It is also a recommended spot for viewing migratory birds. Well, one thing for sure is that it felt really great to be walking high up in the air with cars and vehicles roaming past beneath our legs. 

The spacious walk way.

Feeling dizzy enough? Not to worry as this bridge is pretty much stable.

Slats of yellow bakau wood, an all-weather timber found in South-east Asia, are used in the decking.
Here is the great view overlooking Henderson Road towards The Reflections at Keppel Bay.

View from Henderson Waves.
Here is another view towards Bukit Merah.

View from Henderson Waves.
As little rain drops started to fall, we rushed our way back to The Jewel Box. We knew there is a mini Merlion but we had to give that a miss. On the way, we discovered some old models of cable car and a flight of colorful steps leading us to the chiming of a bells with giggles and laughter.

Models of old generation cable car.

Colorful stairs.
It was the bell of happiness at The Jewel Box. It is believed that when you strike the bell, it will bring you happiness. We were fortunate to have a chance to strike a family portrait before heading home.

The Bell of Happiness.

Kye striking the happiness bell.

Part 2 - Singapore Cable Car Ride

We went back to Mount Faber on the following weekend. Singapore Cable Car is currently having promotions for the joyride tickets and it is a great opportunity for the boys to catch their first ever experience on travelling on Singapore's Cable Car. This time we parked at Carpark B. There were a few viewing decks near to Carpark B and we did capture a different view while we stroll along towards The Jewel Box.

The walk way from Carpark B towards The Jewel Box.
View from Carpark B.

It was easter week and there were "Egg-sighting" to be seen around.

Colorful huge Easter Egg.
Posing with a big Easter Egg.
With a toliet-trained toddler, toilet is the first thing we would visit before taking the cable car ride. What an awesome view in the loo!

The washroom with glass panel view.

The boys were pretty excited while in queue.

The cable car is coming!
Some views from the cable car ride.....

In the cable car.

Moving towards Harbour Front Building.

Going towards Sentosa Island
The Harbour Front Pier.
Resorts World Sentosa view from above.
The Adventure Cove @ Resorts World Sentosa.
The lush greenery at Mount Faber.
A round trip cable car joyride ticket entitle us a free entrance to Sentosa Island and also a free visit to the Cable Car Museum. When you exit the cable car station at Sentosa, the exit on the left takes you to Sentosa Island; whereas the exit on the right leads you to the Cable Car Museum. Look for the escalator as shown in the picture below.

The escalator leading towards the Singapore Cable Car Museum.

The cable car museum houses brief details on the history of Singapore Cable Car. There is a collection of real life cable car capsules, ranging from the very first generation of cable car, VIP capsules with cushion seats, the Lego version and not forgetting the ever popular Angry Birds version. 

The old generation of Singapore Cable Car.
VIP version with high-class cushion seats.
The Lego version.
The Angry Birds Cable Car with the little fan of Angry Birds.
The musuem also exhibits various information about cable cars which were rather interesting.

Exhibit showing various cable cars around the world.
Exhibits showing the history and evolution of Singapore Cable Car.
After the visit to the museum, we headed back to Mount Faber again via the last cable car ride for the day. 

Tips for Parking at Mount Faber  

1.) Car Park is free but with limited slots.
2.) Travelling up to Mount Faber via Mount Faber Road leads you to Carpark A -> B -> C -> D. On the other hand, if you travel via Morse Road, you can only access Carpark C & D due to the one way direction at Mount Faber Road.
3.) Carpark B is the nearest to The Jewel Box. Carpark C is still accessible.
4.) Carpark D is the nearest to Henderson Waves.
5.) Valet service is available at The Jewel Box at a fee of $5.00. It is free for Mount Faber diners. You will have to travel via Mount Faber road to reach The Jewel Box.
6.) Please refer to the locations of the car parks in the map as shown here

Cable Car Promotions

Special Promotion for DBS/POSB, NTUC cardholders and Singtel customers!
Date : 1 March 2014 - 4 May 2014
Save up to 40% off Cable Car Tickets!!
$15.60 per Adult (U.P. $26) | $10 per Child (U.P. $15)

FAMILY Package
Save 30%
$42 per family 
Includes: Cable car tickets for a family of 3 ( 2 adults + 1 child aged 12 and below)
For Singapore citizens, PRs, work permit and employment pass holders only. Applicable upon presentation of NRIC/Employment pass/Student Pass.
Note : This is not transferrable.

Check out this website for more promotions available. 

For more pictures of this post, please visit our album here.

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