14 April 2014

A Visit to Hort Park

Hort == Horticulture.

HortPark == A gardening hub situated in the middle of the city.

At the entrance patio. A wedding photography was taking place.

Reminiscing our first visit to HortPark, Daddy Pok had just started his photography hobby and Little Kye had just started walking. We started to have outings each weekend since then. Mummy Mae used to carry Kye in her trusty Manduca carrier and it made handling the boys easier. Kye is now much too heavy to be carried like this.

Baby Kye in the carrier.
HortPark is situated off Alexandra Road and it is part of the Southern Ridges. The Southern Ridges is a 10km nature trail which connects the Mount Faber Park, Telok Belangah Hill Park, HortPark, KentRidge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. Among the popular attractions along this nature trail stands the magnificent Henderson Waves, a 36m tall highest pedestrial bridge in Singapore which we will cover in an upcoming post soon. HortPark serves as a gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail services under one big canopy. The park size is not very big which spans across only 23 Hectares. The park is often quiet which makes a very good location for outdoor photography. Photography groups are often seen in the park especially during weekends.

Lay back sun chairs with a great greenery view.

Nice greenery to break the monotonous city of concrete.
The concrete jungle behind the park.
During our outings, we often brought snacks for the boys and we had to take many breaks along the way.

Baby Kye was eyeing the snack which Mummy Mae had brought along.
Each stop serves a great time for Daddy Pok to snap more pictures of the young boys. 

Vann at 3 years old. He still looks the same now.

Taking a break.

What are you munching, lil Kye?
At times, we walk around...

MJ in the making.....!

A sun hat is a must for outdoors to protect us from the sun.

Baby Kye learning to walk. Those were the days....
At times, we discover quirky stuff along the way....

A car boot converted into a nursery.
At times, we posed for family portraits.... Ermm... where is Daddy Pok.....?

Looking at the old pictures do make us miss the boys when they were younger. Have you look at yours too?

Parenthood is not easy. As parents, we are overwhelmed with different challenges each day in different stages of our children's life. We often feel the frustrations in dealing with day to day matters and we get lost in the sea of tiredness. But there is one very special thing about parenthood is that, we will always remember the happiness in everything and forget the tough time which we have been through. 

We are so blessed to be living in the digital world where cameras are no more using films. We now have the ability to take as much photo shots as we desire. Save and store the photos. Remember to take a break, and look back at the old pictures and photos. You will feel the love again which you have always been giving to your precious gems all these while. Carpe-diem!

For photos of HortPark, please view here

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