8 April 2014

Blossoms in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

We are very very blessed to be staying very very near to Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park. 
In this April, we were very very fortunate to have witness the blooming of the Trumpet Trees in the park.

Since chinese new year, we had a month long of drought season. It was hot and dry. We saw the grass were turning brown and the leaves were falling in the park. Then the rain came in the month of March. We rejoiced and welcomed the down pour joyfully! The grass grew quickly and we had our greenery back. Then flowers started to grow and bloom. The park view overlooking our windows were painted with lovely colors of white, pink and yellow. It was quite a beautiful sight. We could not resist looking out the window each morning and it warmed our heart to kick start the day.

A row of trees blossoming across the green plains at Park 2.

Pink Blossoms.

The trees were left with flowers but no leaves. 

White and pink blossoms.

A very nice place for having a jog or a stroll.

The stunning white blossom which lasted the longest.

We had seen these blossoms each year but had we never found out the name. Thanks to NParks which stores interesting information on their website. It was from there which I found out that these are called Trumpet Trees (Tabebuia), 风铃木. They are from the family of Bignoniaceae. These tree were originated from Brazil. The tree blossoms usually after a dry spell. The leaves of the tree would drop and the flowers start to blossom. This takes place in April and August.

The flowers are shaped like a trumpet, hence the name Trumpet Tree. The flowers seemed somewhat sulked as the following pictures were taken after a rain shower.

The white blossoms.
The pink blossoms

The yellow blossoms.
We had seen the flowers grew, blossomed and withered. These flowers does not last very long. It was like chasing through precious time to capture the best moments. Time flies and life is short, would you agree?

Here are the withered petals creating a beautiful carpet of floral display on the ground.

Wouldn't it be great to jog or cycle along these gorgeous paths?

Well, the boys decided to scoot along!

 The boys trying to reach for the flowers....

Reach for the flowers!
We did saw some tiny little flowers hiding behind the pond.

We love Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park! It is a great place for families to spend an outing together. Do drop by when you are in the vicinity. We are sure there are many things that you could do in this park.

For more pictures of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, please click here to view our album.

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