4 May 2014

An Early Mother's Day Lunch @ Cornerstone Bishan Park

We have been eyeing at this restaurant for quite awhile. It is located just walking distance to our home but we did kept our necks long each time we walked past. The alfresco setting seems appealing and the lush greenery surrounding it provides a relaxing venue for the diners. 

Lush greenery, lush greenery... lush greenery again?!! If you had been noticing, we emphasized on lush greenery in many of our posts. Yes, lush greenery is a sanctuary which we seek having to live in the hustling and bustling of the Singapore city. 

Corner Stone Restaurant @ Bishan Park 2

On one Saturday morning, Daddy Pok suggested that we have an early lunch at Cornerstone - an early Mother's Day lunch! Mummy Mae was definitely ecstatic! We love to beat the crowd and queues, so it was definitely A-OK for such an early celebration! *peeps*

Restaurant Setting and Ambience

This is the unpretentious stairways heading towards the entrance of the restaurant. 

Stairway leading towards the entrance.
Diners can choose either indoor or outdoor seating.

This is the outdoor alfresco veranda where one could enjoy the natural breeze and the chirping of birds while dining. If you did notice, there is a small play area for the kids and a LCD screen showing an on-going football match. 

Outdoor Seating.
Here is the indoor seating equipped with full air-conditioned and comfortable chairs. Baby high chairs are available too! There is a bar and a full display of wine for diners who prefer to have some alcohol kick for their meal. We loved the tall see-through glass window which allows the indoor diners to enjoy the scenic park surrounding the restaurant.

The Food

Oh, food! Glorious food! Without further much ado, let's present to you the starters of the day.

Dish 1 : Soup of The Day - Pumpkin Soup 
Price : $7.00
Our take : The soup came with cubes of croutons. The soup was not much too creamy for our liking. 

Pumpkin Soup

Dish 2 : Salad Maison with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing 
Price : $7.00
Our take :  The combination of salad is good and the dressing was nice, but overall tasted slightly salty. 

Salad Maison

Dish 3 : Buffalo Wings Level 2 
Price : $16.00
Our take :  This was highly recommended by friends and bloggers. This dish comes in different level of spiciness, and each additional level is $2.00 more. On contrary, we find that there was nothing to shout about. Yes, it was spicy and tangy. Probably, we could have ordered a higher level of spiciness and eat it while it was really hot!

Buffalo Wings Level 2 
Here are the main courses which we had ordered.

Dish 4 : Macaroni & Cheese Kids Meal
Price : $7.00
Our take :  This dish came with a small portion of meal served in a huge pearly white platter. Mac & cheese could never go wrong with the children. The cheese sauce was slightly salty due to parmesan cheese was being used. Despite the saltiness, the boys finished the macaroni all by themselves.

Macaroni and Cheese Kids Meal
Dish 5 : Charcoal Grilled Hokkaido Squid
Price : $16.00
Our take : Succulent and juicy with smoky BBQ after taste! We give thumbs up to this grilled squid. Not sure if the squid was marinated, but it definitely retains it's original taste.

Grilled Hokkaido Squid
Dish 6 : Country Style Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs (half slab)
Price : $19.00
Our take : When our picky eater in the house asked for more, we instantly knew this dish was a winner! If you are a fan of pork ribs (which is unlike Tony Romas "melt-in-the-mouth" ribs), then you may like this. The meat was firm but juicy. I am sure you would lick your smacking lips and smudging fingers while asking for more. 

Country Style BBQ Pork Ribs
Cornerstone Restaurant is also well-known for their in-house pastry chef. We could never leave the place without trying out one or more desserts. Here are the finale of our scrumptious Mother's Day lunch.

Dish 7 : Earl Grey Jivara
Price : $12.00
Our take : This is for the ultimate chocolate lovers. The presentation was delicate and we loved the glossy transparent sugar decoration which gives the dish a classy feeling. This dessert is filled with chocolate mousse and coated with a layer of chocolate glaze. Definitely a treat for the sweet tooth.

Earl Grey Jivara

Dish 8 : Creme Brulee
Price : $10.00
Our take : A bowl of egg custard covered with a layer of caramelized sugar. The egg custard was silky smooth, almost resembled like a mousse. It was served with a side of mixed berries compote which gave a whole new dimension to this commonly found dessert.

Creme Brulee
Eight amazing dishes for a Gr8at Mother's Day celebration! 
Here are the satisfied faces of the diners.....

Cornerstone Restaurant

Address : 1380, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, 569930 Singapore. (Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2)
Contact : 65547230
Opening : 12.00pm - 11.00pm 
For more details on Cornerstone Restarurant, please visit their facebook page here.

For more pictures of this post, please view here.

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