9 May 2014

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife!

Imagine having a breakfast in the jungle, with birds chirping and lions roaring, monkeys hanging accross your head and snakes rattling and swiveling beneath your table while you feast on a sumptious buffet spread. Let's not let our wild imaginations drift us too far. We couldn't have done this if it was the real situation.

Well, we did go for a jungle breakfast with wildlife, but a much much more civilized one! :) We went to Ah Meng Restaurant for a buffet breakfast at Singapore Zoo.

This way please.......

We have been holding a family membership for the Singapore Zoo for almost a year now. We figured that we should try to cover as much programmes which the zoo has to offer. Jungle Breakfast would be one of the fun ones which should not be missed. 

Queue at the entrance.
Being "kiasu", we made reservation a few days before the visit. You can refer to the Singapore Zoo's website here. We made a special remark in the reservation form requesting to be seated somewhere near the animal stage. Our wish was indeed granted when the staff member escorted us to our tables after we settled the payment at the counter. Oh! By the way, member of Friends Of The Zoo is entitled to 10% discount for the price of the Jungle Breakfast.

The food counter, and more at the far right.
While Daddy Pok started to search for some food, Mummy Mae and the boys stayed at the table. There were no animal around us but announcement could be heard broadcasting that the animal appearance would start at 9.30a.m. Meanwhile, a member of the staff also came over to notify us that there would be an elephant bathing session at 9.15a.m. 

When the food was served at the table, we were ready to dig in.

Eat food Eat!

The very ordinary breakfast meal.
The selection varies from western to asian delights. Bread and butter, cheese and ham, bacon and sausages, eggs and hash browns . These were pretty much the common food to be seen around. They do have pastries, cereal with milk and salad bars to suit a wide variety of customers. Asian servings include Dim Sum, white porridge, roti prata and curry. There were also fruits and yoghurt available as dessert. The food was just average. It was good enough to fill our hungry tummies. 

Now, here comes the main highlight of the programme. The presenter invited the main stars to the centre of the stage. It was the whole clan of Orang Utans! Adults and babies all came out to have breakfast with us.

The main star of the programmes - The Orang Utan clan!
The presenter introduced them one by one and even by their names! It was the closest experience which we can get to the magnificient apes. Each table were invited to take a group photo with the Orang Utans and there was ample time to allow everyone to get their rare chance. While queueing, the presenter shared and talked about the Orang Utans and it was very informative. We were advised not to touch the Orang Utans though.  Finally, it was our turn and here is our family picture with the main stars.

Our lovely family photo.
Following are more pictures of the Orang Utans which Daddy Pok had captured in his animal shots. Their golden brown hairy coat do make them seemed like one of the most beautiful land creatures living on earth. Check out their gestures!

Crunching on nuts.

Oh.... why are we waiting so long...............

We do look cool, eh?
We also took a chance to take a picture with the guest star - a beautiful slithery red snake with black and white stripes. Guess who in the family was brave enough to take up the challenge?

Our Vann braved himself to touch and take a photo with the snake!

Vann getting a touch on the beautiful reptile.
The little brave boy.

....... and Mummy Mae joined in the fun too!

Mummy Mae getting a touch...

Ta-dah! Snake isn't so scary after all...
Most people would think that the snake is wet and slimy, but it was not the case. The scaly skin of the snake actually felt smooth and dry.

As a gesture for charity, we adopted these two hairy and funky Orang Utans. It has magnets at their hands and feet which could cling on to any metal. Daddy Pok purchased these at $10 each and both boys get one. Aren't they adorable?

Out new addition to the soft toy gang!

HuH HuH HaH HaH..... Monkeying around our house..
Overall, this Jungle Breakfast was quite enjoyable. The food was average but the experience with the animal stars were a rare chance. Below are the details for this programme:

Jungle Breakfast With Wildlife

Venue : Ah Meng Restaurant (Terrace), Singapore Zoo
Time : 9.00a.m. - 10.30a.m. (Daily)
Price : S$33.00 (Adult)
           S$23.00 (6 - 12 Years Old)
* Animal appearance only between 9.30a.m.- 10.00a.m. Last buffet seating is at 10.00a.m. Prices are inclusive of GST. Prices exclude zoo admission charges.


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