25 June 2014

Memories @ The Bottle Tree Park

Have you ever seen a Bottle Tree? 
         A tree which looks like a bottle?
                  Yes! No kidding.
                             Here is the evidence....

The unique Bottle Tree.
Bottle Tree is also known as Brachychiton Rupestris, native of Queensland. It can grow as high as 12 meter and has a distinctive "Bottle Like" swollen trunk. It can also be found in our homeland Singapore at The Bottle Tree Park.

We have heard about the closure of Bottle Tree Park. This one of its kind attraction will be closed by end of next month. Read here for more details. We are sadden to hear this news. In this post, we hope to display a recollection of our best memories about this park.

The main building which houses the restaurants.
The Bottle Tree Park is situated at a peaceful corner of Yishun. It is a beautiful sanctuary boasting a restaurant, a fishing pond, kampung style buildings, mini-zoo, an obstacle course, paintball field and more!  

A view overlooking the pond. MRT train track at the background.
The first picture which we took when we were here was definitely with the huge Bottle Tree.

Our memory with the huge Bottle Tree.
We were here for an evening walk, exploring the nature and enjoying the laid back atmosphere nestled in greenery.

Mummy Mae and Little Kye taking a walk on the path across the pond.
Visitors should not missed out this figurine of buffaloes pulling a cart. This is used to be called as "Bullock Cart" back in my hometown. In the olden days when cars were uncommon, this was one of the traditional transportation mode.

The "Bullock Cart".
These were some of the kampung liked verandah overlooking the pond with full of water lillies.

Kampung liked verandah.
The water lillies pond.
Fishing seemed to be the main activity here.

The wide spacious pond.
The boys have also found their place in the park of course. 

The boys exploring the small playground.
Whee....! Down we go on the slide....!

The boys on the slide.
Little Kye got a treat to sit on the swing too!

Little Kye on a swing.
We ended the day with a simple dinner at The Bottle Tree Park Seafood Restaurant.

Mummy Mae and Kye at dinner.
For those who have not been there, this is the last chance to visit the park before it closes at the end of next month. Lastly, we dedicate this beautiful night view of the unique Bottle Tree to all our readers. We hope you will have a chance to capture some lovely memories with this magnificent tree. 

The Bottle Tree in the night.

Bottle Tree Park

Address81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun), Singapore 769198


How to get there:

MRT: Take the North-South Line and alight at Khatib MRT station. It’s a 15-minute walk to Bottle Tree Park’s side entrance opposite Yishun Stadium.
CAR: Exit from SLE (Yishun). From Lentor Avenue, turn left into Yishun Avenue 1. At the traffic light, turn right towards Sembawang Road. Keep right, then turn into Lorong Chencharu. (Opposite Sembawang Country Club and Airbase.)
BUS: Alight at Yishun Avenue 2, opposite Yishun Stadium. Services 39, 85, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 857, 858, 965 and 969 stop there.

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