17 August 2014

An Extraordinary Breakfast with Sesame Street Characters

"This is the best day ever!" said Big Vann. 

Who wouldn't agree to that statement if one ever had a chance to have breakfast with his/her favorite childhood characters? 

Do you know Big Bird?
Do you know Elmo?
Do you know Cookie Monster?
Do you know Oscar?

If these names sounded familiar to you, please raise up your hand!
If these names would make you go 'Gaga' and scream to your heart, please raise up your hand!

Oh yes! They are the characters from the children's TV programme Sesame Street and I am sure these figures have imprinted a special place in our hearts. Mummy Mae and Daddy Pok grew up watching Sesame Street, so do the little ones. We were definitely excited to have a breakfast with the Sesame Street Characters in Universal Studios Singapore!

A huge cake deco at Sesame Street Character Breakfast.
Sesame Street Character Breakfast are only held on Saturdays. The buffet breakfast starts at 9.00am and ends at 11.00am. Diners are given the privilege to enter Universal Studios Singapore earlier at 9.00am. This is the only time where we can enjoy the quiet moment and roam the streets in USS all by ourselves.

See what I mean..... New York Street is all ours!!! Wahahaha....

Look at the empty streets in USS! Super wonderful to walk around........!
The breakfast is held at Loui's Pizza Parlor and New York Street. Yup, there is where all the Sesame Street events take place. Upon arriving at the main gate, several escorts were found along the way guiding us on the direction to head for the venue. We felt very much privileged with the extra care treatment. When we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by this friendly blue monster - Cookie Monster! The boys were excited to meet him.

Greeted by Cookie Monster.
Cookie Monster gave a super tight hug to the kids!

A tight hug from Cookie Monster!
Without further much ado, let us introduce you to the sumptuous buffet breakfast spread.

The main breakfast servings provides a wide variety of choices, ranging from western style pizzas, pasta, bacons, omelette, baked beans, mash potatoes, fries, smiley hash brown and toast bread; There are also Asian style dishes like Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Dim Sum and porridge. 

The main breakfast spread.

The omelette counter.
The children are also spoiled for choices with different types of cereal served with fresh milk, as well as ELMO waffles served with any choice of toppings including chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows or just plain breakfast syrup. The cereals and waffles were setup at a lower counter which allow the children to reach for their favorite food at ease. Such a special touch!

Elmo Waffle.
For those who prefer to have a healthy meal in the morning, there is a salad bar with fresh salmon sashimi and fresh ham.

Look who's welcoming us at the salad bar............! 

The salad bar.
Salad serving for the lady in the family :) !
Dessert is definitely the best part of all! Who could ever resist these little cuppies!!! Oh, they are just soooooo cuteeeee..........!

Cookie Monster cuppies!

Elmo Cuppies!
And don't forget these cookies as well.... They are equally tantalizing! 
Or too cute to be eaten.........?

Cookie with Cookie Monster icing.

Elmo Cookies!
Here was what we got on our plate. We have got Big Bird and Oscar cuppies too! We would strongly recommend the cheese cake with a raspberry. That was the best among all. If you are curious to know, the topping for the cuppies are made of desiccated coconut and cream which resulted in the furry texture.

What's on our plate.....
Midway through the breakfast, Oscar came to visit. Little Kye was wary and didn't like Oscar. So, only Vann went over to greet him. 

Vann and Oscar!
If you were wondering how Oscar walks around, Oscar has legs!! He actually stood up to take a photo with Mummy Mae. Oh, did you notice the smelly shoe dangling from the edge of the rubbish bin? Haha, such a detail finishing!

Mummy Mae and Oscar.
The dining area is quite spacious. There were small and big tables catered for different families. The setting of the restaurant was somewhat classy, a resemblance of old New York restaurants with mosaic tiles and dim yellow lights. All diners were given an ELMO plastic plate as a door gift. The boys couldn't wait and used it on the spot. 

The dining area.
Yum Yum! The boys busy with their food!
Check out their character cups too! It was fun holding one for coffee or just a sip of milk.

Happy diners.

We do admit that it was one of the best breakfast we ever had as both boys were very well behave and kept polishing their plates. We were pretty glad with zero fussiness during the 2 hour long meal. 

Guess who was the next monster walking down the red carpet aisle? Our ever popular red monster - ELMO! We couldn't miss out our chance to have a photo with him.

The Pok Family with Elmo.
There were only 3 characters featured during our breakfast : Cookie Monster, Oscar and Elmo. Each character had about 20-30 minute photo session with the guests and each of them appeared twice. So do not worry if you did missed a chance as you could wait for the next session to take photo with your favorite monster.

Photos with the monsters. 
Overall, it was an unforgettable experience, not only for the boys, but also for Mummy and Daddy who are both young at heart. The food was decent and we loved the special theme presentation especially the little cuppies, cookies and utensils. We find it worth a visit!

Sesame Street Character Breakfast
Date : Every Saturday
Time : 9am-11am
Venue : Loui's NY Pizza Parlour
*Advanced bookings and theme park admission required.
*As we hold season pass to Universal Studios Singapore, we are only required to purchase the breakfast admission.
*Guest will need to present Universal Studios Singapore e-Ticket and confirmation letter at Guest Services Counter to redeem the breakfast voucher. 

For more pictures on this post, please visit our album here.

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  1. Great Article!! If I would get the chance to have a breakfast with my favorite sesame street characters then I will select Kermit because he is the first Muppet introduced 1955.


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