24 September 2014

Dining With The Fishes @ Ocean Restaurant

It is the month of September and we had a row of multiple celebrations for Vann's birthday. We gave a few choices and this was his desired venue for his special day.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora.

We had dined in a park ( Cornerstone Bishan Park ), we had dined in a jungle ( Singapore Zoo Wildlife Breakfast ) and we had dined with Elmo & Friends (Sesame Street Character Breakfast), but we had never really tried dining with the fishes. It was a really big aquarium at S.E.A Aquarium Marine Life Park @ Resorts World Sentosa.

The big Manta Rays as seen from Ocean Restaurant.

The Restaurant

The ambience of the restaurant is definitely thumbs up. The seats are quite limited and therefore booking is required. Ask for a seat near the viewing window to enjoy the utmost under water dining experience. We took the 1.30pm slot and we were fortunate to witness scuba divers feeding the fishes. There are quite a few dining rules in the restaurant:
1.) Customers are not recommended to walk around the restaurant while dining.
2.) There is a minimum expense of $38.00 per pax.
3.) Dining duration is limited to 1.5 hours.
However not to worry as these rules are just general guidelines to ensure all customers to have a pleasant dining experience. 

Left: The reception counter. Right: The restaurant setting.
Vann posing some camera shots.
While waiting for the seats at the reception.
Kids Friendly Factor: YES! The children were quite occupied throughout the dining. They were provided with colouring activity sheets with color pencils, but who would need these since there is a big fish tank just beside of us! Children utensils are available as well. 

The Food

We ordered 2 set lunches for both adults and 2 kids meal for the boys. The set lunch comes with a choice of starter, 2 main dishes (1 fish & 1 meat), and a dessert. Here are the fine dishes which we savored in the restaurant.

Starter 1: 

White Onion Soup drizzled over a piece of crispy bread and sour cream topping. The caramelized onion and cheese does fit well and great for those who loved to have a creamy start.

White Onion Soup

Starter 2 : 

Oh... it was a pity that we did not jot down the name of this starter, but it was pretty GOOD! We loved this more than the white onion soup. It was a mousse cream with crab meat and served with strands of greens. 

Crab Meat creamy mousse

Main Dish 1.1 : 

Crispy Skin Barramundi served with Parma Ham floss and Apple Celeriac Slaw. This dish was drizzled with light savory sauce which tasted very much oriental style. 

Crispy Skin Barramundi

Main Dish 1.2 : 

Pan Fried Dory Fish from New Zealand served with pickled celery heart and balsamic-Caper Reduction. The fish was fresh, juicy and tender. Every bite was worth savoring for!

Pan Fried Dory Fish

Main Dish 2.1 : 

Miso Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly with sauteed wakame, dried fermented black bean and Miso reduction. A meat dish after the fish was a good break from the rich flavor of the sea. The pork belly was nicely done, soft and almost melt in the mouth.  

Miso Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly

Main Dish 2.2 : 

Crispy Boneless Confit of Duck Leg served with japanese sweet potato, caramelized hazelnut and pomegranate molasses. No doubt to the name, we did hear crispy crackling sound while we sliced our knife through the skin, which subsequently landed on a bed of soft and delicate meat hiding beneath the skin. 

Crispy Boneless Confit of Duck Leg

Dessert 1 : 

Vacherin which comprises of strawberry and Creme Fraiche. A sweet and sour combination which delights the sweet tooth at the end of the course meal. This was the kids' favorite!


Dessert 2: 

Bonet - Chocolate Pudding with Orange Chantilly. The pudding was bitter sweet made from rich dark chocolate. Best for those who loved the chocolate + orange combi but not for the boys in the house. Though the chocolate attracted the boys to fight for this dessert but they never came back for a second serving. 


Kids Meal 1: 

Fish and Chips - Great fish, great chips! Nothing that we could have asked for more. As usual, it is served with a wedge of lemon, tartar sauce and tomato sauce. 

Fish and Chips

Kids Meal 2 : 

Bacon and Cheese Pasta - The angel hair pasta was the perfect choice for the little mouths and tiny teeth. Though the look seems simple, but a mouthful of it left our mind tingling... What did they put in this pasta?!! Yes! The flavor was bursting with fragrant bacon and the cheese did not lose out either. Rich, light and creamy! Superbly yummy! Another of the kids' favorite!  

Bacon and cheese pasta

Kids Dessert : 

Vanilla ice-cream with fresh mixed berries. It was a complimentary dessert. Each of the boys have one serving to themselves.

Vanilla ice-cream

Well, here comes the highlight of the meal! Vann was presented a complimentary birthday cake and he was beaming with happiness! Thank you Ocean Restaurant for the personal touch!

The birthday boy.
Here are the collages of the magnificent view of our experience dining with the fishes.

For more pictures, please view our album here.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

Location : S.E.A. Aquarium, Level B1M, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
Opening hours : Lunch 11.30a.m. - 3.30p.m.
                           Dinner 5.30p.m. - 10.30p.m.
Tel. No. : +65 65776688

Note: If you’re visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium, you can access the restaurant which is situated near the Open Ocean Gallery. If you are travelling by car, drive towards the B1 West Car Park before heading towards Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora.  

Entrance via B1 West Car Park.
Entrance via S.E.A. Aquarium.

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